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Cloud based Learning Experience Platform(LXP) with built in Learning Management, Communication and Administrative features designed to put your passion for training back in the spotlight.

Wouldn't you love having your virtual assistant doing automatic grading, answering questions, and sending reminders so you don't have to? Our users do. That is why Payil is rated as a best learning management software by our users.

Our promise

The educational landscape has been undergoing rapid transformations since the onset of the pandemic. The need for Education Management Platform for online and offline teaching is on the rise. And, it’s only projected to grow and change further in the coming years.

Payil’s smart Education Management Platform can help you evolve effortlessly with these changing times and enable a frictionless experience for your learners, instructors and administrators with an agile suite of tools and best Education Management Platform.

instructors and administrators with an agile suite of tools

Ease of use

Universal, organic, and intuitive in design. Teachers can schedule, deliver, test, and grade. Students engage, collaborate, and interact with zero fuss, in one centralized location.

instructors and administrators with an agile suite of tools

Data security

Water-tight, fail-safe cybersecurity guards the platform. Advanced data encryption, potent anti-virus software, and auto-backup data storage guarantee no leak or loss of data.

instructors and administrators with an agile suite of tools

Seamless transition

Onboard 100% of your offline lessons to the LMS swiftly and easily. We provide expert guidance that you can migrate autonomously.

instructors and administrators with an agile suite of tools


The LMS accommodates a wide spectrum of media formats; supports both synchronous and asynchronous teaching at scale; and evolves with your dynamic needs.

instructors and administrators with an agile suite of tools


The built-in communication tools foster spirited collaboration between teachers and students to render a highly interactive learning experience.

instructors and administrators with an agile suite of tools

Tracking and

The monitoring feature allows teachers to assess progress, mine insights, and provide feedback on the go.

How we deliver value

From creating lessons to providing feedback, Payil's comprehensive array of features provides end-to-end assistance throughout the teaching-learning cycle.

How we deliver value
How we deliver value

Why Payil

Why not Payil? (It means Why not Learn? The current education system lacks meaningful way to measure student or staff performance. Educators are tasked with mundane work. Payil, replaces the inefficiencies and empowers the educators to focus on teaching. With Payil virtual assistant features such as automatic grading, answering questions, sending reminders, processing payments, generating reports etc. the future of education is here.

How we can help you

As an institution you are unique. Based on your identity, needs, and challenges, Payil offers custom scalable learning experience platform that help your institution power success in all quarters.

How we can help you

You're one step away from propelling your educational value to the trailblazing league.

Let's do this together. As the next step...
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Let's do this together. As the next step

Payil has now joined hands with AWS EdStart to create ground-breaking waves of change.

Payil logo AWS-Ed-Start logo

Most edtech companies are focusing on diminishing the role of the teacher and replacing it with 3-dimensional audio-visual aids. We believe that teaching, mentoring, guiding and nurturing is an essential part of learning and AV can’t replace that. Payil empowers the teachers to automate the mundane tasks while focusing on the creative and personal aspects of learning. Payil analyzes the data and provides the KPIs to school and district administrators, policy makers, etc so they can gain insights on what works best for their learner community. Crunching through a large volume of data and generating meaningful analytics takes a lot of processing power. The AWS EdStart program has helped us build a scalable solution faster than the traditional development tools. Our ability to reach AWS experts for solution validation, bringing up new instances on demand to test prototypes and new concepts, and the access to the marketplace has been a huge benefit for us. With this AWS Edstart program partnership, we will be ready for any changes to our infrastructure and technical needs.

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Reviews from our client


I love how Payil is a great platform where as an Education Institution, we can interact with our students in the form of Videos, and PowerPoint as well as evaluate their performance through test series. It makes the learning process easier and more accessible while breaking barriers to education that people would normally have. Payil caters to our needs by modifying all aspects of the portal to suit our Academy's needs as well as readily incorporates new features and tools that grade aspirants and aid their preparation. Their swift and prompt response to all our queries makes them the best service for our E-learning needs.

-Adarsh Jacob

The analytics and reporting features of Payil are impressive. It has helped us identity areas where we need to improve our training programs.

-Krishna Jayaram

Payil has revolutionized the way we manage our training programs. It is user friendly and has helped us streamline our processes.

-John Samuel

Payil is an all - in - one learning management system that has saved us time and money. It's a must have tool for any organization.

-Diane Paul

I love how payil allows me to track my progress and performance. It has helped me stay motivated and focused on my training goals

-Syed Mohammed

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